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Appliance Repair

Oven Check

Got a problem with your oven?
Let us have a look, often it is a small part which has failed and can be replaced. 

Ring AGEA or Merlin Electrical.

We can save you the cost of a whole new oven


Is your oven taking longer than usual to reach the right temperature?

Or unexpectedly overcooking your tried and true recipes?

Maybe it isn't producing heat at all.

These can be symptoms of a faulty thermostat.

We can fix that for you. 

Element Replacement

Commonly cooker elements will burn out. 
They often fail over time because it has just suffered a lot of wear and tear. As the wires inside a cooker elements get hotter, they expand; when they cool, they shrink back down. This will cause damage to the wire and eventually your oven will stop heating up.


Fans can suffer from a build up of material on the blades and filters that stop them working as well as they could, and ultimately will fail. 
They can stop completely or become very noisy then begin to fail. 
Fans make baking and roasting much easier. Lets get that fan working as it should again.

Door Maintenance

Check your oven doors, seals and glass.
Let us know if your oven hinges are failing. 
Maybe your oven seals are cracked, torn, looking worn. Or you can feel an unexpected amount of heat escaping from around the door. This means your oven seals need replacing. 

Get in touch!

It will save you money and cooking time!


Working alongside Aberystwyth AGEA / ABERGAS to help put your appliances back in working order. 
AberGas will be happy to help you discuss your appliance problems, if needed they will order the replacement parts and Merlin and Rowan are happy to install them.
We work together to put your ovens in working order again.


Chat with us. Get in contact to find out how we can help.

Thanks for submitting!

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